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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Meteorologists tell us that last night was the coldest night of our winter so far, with temperatures plummeting to -7.  There is no increase in temperatures in sight.

Most of the country has recovered from recent snowfalls, but up here in Mullyash, we seem to enjoy a micro-climate all our own.  Rarely is the weather the same at home, as it is just ten minutes’ drive away in my nearest town of Castleblayney.  While the snow down in town is long gone, with daytime temperatures not rising much above zero, ours is still stretched out in a virgin sea of white.

I am always saying how lucky I feel to have found my old derelict forge some ten years ago, and how inspiring it is, to have views from the highest point in Co Monaghan over the whole county, as well as over Co Cavan and beyond.

This morning, when I went out to feed my hens, and bring them fresh water as their dish had frozen solid, I smiled to see the evidence of some other residents!

2015-02-03 10.37.10

Here you’ll see where a nice fat bird crossed the path of a passing hare. I wonder if they met and shared an early-morning chat?

The sun was shining so brightly that I could have used a pair of sunglasses.  The colours and the long shadows were fabulous. I can’t help but share the views I was treated to.  This is the beauty of my Ireland on a cold, winter’s day.

2015-02-03 10.38.32 2015-02-03 10.38.48 2015-02-03 10.39.59 2015-02-03 10.40.43

Heartache to LURVE!!


I’m so delighted that Niamh’s happy with the recycled Waterford Crystal sculpture…!

Niamh O'Connor Art

For several years now living in the corner of my kitchen I have had a heartache vase – I called it this because every single time I looked at it – it broke my heart, a stunning Waterford crystal vase given to me on the occasion of our wedding 11 years ago (next Thursday ) by my very best girlfriends! My beloved cracked it and it has sat forlorn for the last few years facing the wall…but no longer!!

You see I am a very lucky girl, with wonderful talented people all about me…..Grace Brennan of Kings Forge Glass in Mullyash here in Co. Monaghan ( my buddy my pal and fellow blogger) took pity on me and my heartache ( Oh ok yes I beged begggggggged her, like really!!) And by the powers, magic and talent that is her immeasurable skill in glass fusing and with a sprinkle of…

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Up close and personal with fused glass

Keep your glass glimmering!

People often ask me how to look after their lovely new fused glass piece.  It’s really very simple, and not scary at all!!

Just use water!  That’s right: your fused glass candle holder, bowl or suncatcher, can be washed in warm water and washing up liquid, rinsed off and dried, just like a tumbler.

Why not try using your candle holder as a little sweet dish, or put peanuts in it to serve with drinks?  Your King’s Forge Glass ‘web’ bowl will hold bread rolls, or fruit, and there’s no end to the uses for a solid glass platter.  Don’t be afraid to get your glass dirty, as now you know, you can wash it clean again!

Some items may have added ribbons, if it is a hanging piece, or perhaps little rubber ‘feet’ to protect the base of a bowl. You might prefer to remove these before washing.

Okay, I wouldn’t put it in the dishwasher, but that’s not a good enough reason to leave your glass out of your daily life.  I’d like to think the more you use your glass, the more you’ll love it!

If you’ve any queries about your King’s Forge glass piece, don’t hesitate to contact me, either through the website www.kingsforgeglass.com or through my Facebook page.

How to keep your glass sparkling